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YouTube - Use Somebody Kings of Leon (Acoustic)

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Viva lavida, Coldplay Acustic version by Boyce Avenue

I'm Yours - Jason Mraz - acoustic cover - Igor Presnyakov

Chop Suey - System Of A Down - acoustic cover - Igor Presnyakov

Stone Temple Pilots - Plush (Acoustic Cover)

Wish you were here - Roger Waters & Eric Clapton

From the Tsunami aid concert of hope.


Im Yours - Jason Mraz [live at Sessions@AOL]

Avril Lavigne - Complicated (acoustic)

Eric Roche - Percussion techniques - Acoustic guitar

Eric Roche - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana Cover)

Avril Lavigne - Nobody's home (acoustic)

Coldplay-The Scientist (Acoustic)

A duet acoustic performance of The Scientist by Chris and Jonny.


The World I know - Collective Soul - Acoustic

Collective Soul playing the song The world that I know. Acoustic version in Morocco. (2008)


December - Collective Soul - Acoustic

Collective Soul playing the song December. Acoustic version in Morocco. (2008)

YouTube - J. S. Bach: Air

The famous "Air on a G-string" from Bach's Suite for Orcherstra no. 3.


YouTube - Amy Winehouse - Valerie (Acoustic, Live, Best Quality)

YouTube - Oasis - Don't Look Back In Anger (Acoustic) - Create Music Beats - The online music factory - Jam, remix, chords, loops

JamStudio - create music beats - free online music mixing & songwriting tool - quickly create backing tracks, karaoke songs, soundtracks & demo songs with professional sounds. - interactive guitar resource


This is a collection of audio loops to jam along with and practice your soloing chops.